Food photographer


My name is Max and I’m doing a food photography.

Usually I will work with chef, who is doing the dishes. I will do in conversation with the chef or a restaurant, asking what is important to you, what you want to show. Sometimes, the dish for the menu is the thing and sometimes it’s a more environmental shot when there is a dish but it shows atmosphere in the restaurant.

I’m a food photographer and I’m working with chefs and restaurants to shoot food and dishes

Chef Nimrod Norman

The main reason to shoot a dish is to get people want to eat it, to make the dish attractive, to make visitor the visual desire of a tasty food.

צלם אוכל מקצועי

Falafel and Hummus dish

Meat main dish

There are different kind of angles the dish can be shot from. There are some classic 45 degree angle and a view from above, both are welcome in food photography.

When shooting dishes, there are some first stuff that comes in the menu for tasting and there are some main dishes. The restaurant has to choose what to photograph. If you already bringing the photographer, why not to photograph all the dishes in the same day, you will have plenty of stuff to use for Fb and IG later for your social posts and ads.

Chef Pompi Bushari

Same dish cab be show in different compositions and angles, and both are looking good and can be used for more atmosphere shots.

“Starters” dishes look very nice as an atmospheric shots or in the menu as it give something more that just a closeup of a dish.

Chef Nir Mesika

Some chefs are doing only tasting dished and it’s their specialty.  These are often expensive and the main goal is to taste different kind of dishes and tastes that each one has.

Fish starter dish


Cauliflower “Cruvit” dish using natural light

Deserts are also part of the menu and it’s a good idea to photograph them,

Food photographer have sometimes to improvise, bring different food ingredients into the set in order to make it more interesting. Angles is another thing to do. Also a different lighting is a thing that affects how the dish will look. In above image, there is a sun coming in. In others, there is a use of flash. Other times I use natural light which is also good, depending of the available light in the place too.

Chocolate cake

Dessert (non milk based) dish

There are different kinds of kitchens. Some are local and some are from Asia. For example here are some Japanese dishes.

צילום של אוכל


Japanese dishes are a bit different from local ones and some details are more important here than in local kitchen. Hence, sometimes macro lens is needed to photograph closeups.


Shushi with Sake

Sushi top view

Either you are a private chef or a local restaurant and you want to photograph your dishes for menu, you are welcome to contact me. I will discuss with you all the needed technical details of a photoshoot day to plan in in a best possible way.

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