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My name is Max and I’m doing commercial portraits

I’m doing all king of portraits for businesses, meaning it can be a lawyer/single person business person or it can be a group of people. The main goal of commercial portrait is to showcase person that is running the business for your customers. Other types of showcasing a group of people running the business, for example, it can be some staff members of beauty salon (the woman doing different things, some doing nails, some doing a laser, some massage etc.). Other type of commercial products is to show group of workers for the website on the company’s website.

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What is important in doing commercial portraits? The main thing is to show person that will look good, to show that person not only in good light but also in good pose. The person in the portrait have to be shown confident, so that the customers will see someone they can trust. Sometimes, smile is a better way, so it depends on a business you are running.

Commercial portraits are different from regular portraits in that the regular ones are those that show personal side of a person, which isn’t so suitable for business portrait. It shows personal thing, the “soul” of a person. The commercial portrait is more client oriented.

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I do editing to all the images, either basic or more advance retouching. The advanced one can be skin editing. Sometime it’s wrinkles and pores, sometime ununiformed color of skin, eyes, nose imperfections of any type of imperfections. I’m asking which things are important to a person. Sometimes expectations are different from different clients. It can also include the body form changes to make people thinner. But, also during the photoshoot I can say to pose in a such way that will show person thinner.

If I’m photographing someone that Is doing therapy (for example), not only that I can show the portrait, but also to show all kind of therapy styles that this person does. Not only that, I can show the person’s Clinique. It’s different from business to business. It can be a private doctor or a lawyer.

Commercial portrait also can be using some product. For example, if your business creating some product, there can be a product shot done as a stills, but also a worker that us using this product, for example using drill for home use. It can be any type of commercial shots, either person, or person using product, or any other thing related to your business. Anything that is related to business that is related to a person, maybe an owner, maybe a worker or using product in the field, but it’s not a product photography. Commercial portraits are business oriented.

I can shoot for advertisement of any kind that is related to people. Maybe you have a script with art director. Then I’m in, and will love to brainstorm Ideas for your successful photo shoot.

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